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Sun in my plate!

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A book containing 50 ecological and solar cooking recipes. Let’s discover together this wonderful cooking made with the same tools that are diffused in the South.

These recipes, easy to realize, will allow you to discover a tasty and healthy food. Furthermore it is a good way to protect the environment.

The recipes are elaborated according to the principles of healthy dietetics which protects Life. They can be cooked with traditional cooking means (electricity or gas). Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil arouses interest about solar cooking in the Andes and in developing countries following the motto : “to harness the sun’s energy for the development.” The same tools and the same cooking way are working here in France and in Europe too.

The ecological and solar cooking

The ecological cooking proposed by Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil uses simple tools. The cooker and the parabolic oven catch the free, clean and endless sun power! The efficient cooker, the stove pot , the barbecue are very effective and powerful. Furthermore they consume only little pieces of wood. The insulated cooker consumes nothing. The ecological cooking works here as well as in the developing countries. It saves energy and protects the environment. At the time of the oil crisis we need to protect our environment with simple acts. It is good to find these simple acts, which can be considered as a sharing and an exchange with the destitute populations living there.

Then with conviction for our future, for our health and for our pleasure, adopt this ecological cooking and put some "sun in your plate"

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Please find enclosed 2 recipes!


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