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The method

A two-step methodology

First of all for the occasion of a public manifestation, the Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil teams present the project and the conditions of participation of a construction course, during which people learn to build and to use a solar cooker.

To take part in a construction course, the interested people are divided into group of 20 persons: they are all available for one week of work. Financial conditions are explained (the cookers are sold at only one third of the global price). People have to be involved during the training time as well as during the monitoring period. The courses are aimed at disadvantaged families from rural or urban regions.

One week during which one learns to build and to use a solar cooker.

The night before the team (composed of technical instructors and cooking teachers) arrived in the community, which provides them shelter. The participants have to be there on Monday morning to start the construction. The team comes with sectional solar cookers, which have been prepared before, tools, food for everybody and for the whole week and solar cookers for show, which will be used to cook everyday! From Monday until Thursday the group is busy with the construction, the theorical courses about the use of solar cooker, the nutritional aspect of the food...

The rule is : each participant has to make his own solar cooker and to understand the way it works to use it properly. The last day of the week is party day! The work equipment is putting away and each trainee prepares something to eat in his cooker, that will be then shared between the whole group. It is called “the solar aptapi”! The coordinator in charge of the monitoring join the group at this time to explain the monitoring meetings to them. A responsible person is appointed among the participants, he will be in charge of these meetings.

Monitoring of each beneficiary for 4 months

The action of Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil is based on the participation of the population. Not a charity, but participants who take hold of the project and organise themselves by constructing their own cooker. Then they reimburse a part of it. A micro-credit system is created during 4 months to allow the families to get their cooker. With this system they do not have to pay it all at once.

The daily use of the cooker produces enough savings to give the opportunity to the people to reimburse. During the construction courses one of the participants is appointed « local coordinator ». He becomes the contact between the group who takes part in the courses and the Andean association. During the monitoring period he will be the link between the participants and the Andean association. The local coordinator is in charge of the monthly meetings: all the participants are invited in order to talk about the various cooking experiences of everybody.

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