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Ecological and solar cooking

The advantages of solar cooking

  • Health: Smoke causes lung and eye diseases; the ability to pasteurize water with free solar energy can help prevent many diseases such as diarrhoea.
  • Environment : The energy for solar cooking is renewable and entirely non-polluting. The use of solar power slows down the deforestation and damage of the soil
  • Climate : Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions which have an influence on the climatic changes
  • Economy : Reduction of the combustible expenditures ; creation of local businesses
  • Human rights: Liberation of women and children, who are liberated from the wood gathering activities (15 hours a week, 4 time 20kg).

Some figures

  • Only around 3 billion human have wood to cook their food. Most of them live in sunny countries.
  • Each person needs 600kg of wood per year, this means that each family needs 4 tonnes. The sun provides more energy for a 4-square-metre surface in one year than 4 tonnes of wood would.
  • In the cities one third of the family’s income is required for energy expenses. A little less than a year is needed to make a return on a solar cooker.
  • Deforestation is terrible : the population is cutting down the last trees. One solar cooker can save 100 trees in 15 years (average life : 15 years).
  • The enhancement of the greenhouse effect is concerning the whole planet. Each solar cooker prevents the emission of 1.5 tonnes of CO² per year.
  • Every year 2.5 million people are dying from diarrhoea due to the polluted and non-drinking water. With a solar cooker it is possible to pasteurize water with free solar energy.
  • 4.2 million human beings die each year from respiratory diseases that are due to wood smoke.

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